urban yoga ashram

urban yoga ashram

Monday, 17 August 2015

Yoga Mudras for healthy lifestyle

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Hi everyone. Today I am going to share more yoga mudras and their benefits with you as promised in my previous blog. Also, I am going to publish a new post every Monday henceforth so that you will get something beneficial at the start of each week.

·        ·        Gyan Mudra

Touch the tip of index finger and thumb keeping other three fingers straight. Don’t keep the other fingers stiff deliberately. This mudra is called Gyan Mudra and can be done while walking, sitting, cycling or even driving. The effect of this mudra is that it makes your mind calm and relaxed. It helps control your temper if you are short-tempered. Peace of mind, concentration, happiness and reducing depression and tension are some of the benefits that Gyan Mudra imparts. Those with unstable mind, emotional insecurities, fear, anxieties, impulsive behavior and even laziness or procrastination can benefit a lot. Do this mudra daily for 45 minutes at stretch if possible and you will see considerable results within 3 months. It is highly recommended to students. The spiritual seekers during meditation if focus their attention on the joint of the index finger and thumb for a few seconds to few minutes then they can more easily and effortlessly move towards the state of trance. Insomnia can be effectively treated if you do this mudra while sleeping or lying in the bed. You will definitely get good sleep.

·        ·        Vayu Mudra

Touch the tip of index finger to the base of thumb keeping the other fingers straight. Fold the thumb over the bent index finger. This mudra is called Vayu Mudra and it helps balance the air (vayu) element in the body. Certain ailments like flatulence, back pain, arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, spondylitis can be reduced, however it has to be done for a long time (few months) and has to be stopped when the effects are visible. Many times while sleeping we experience body pain and stiffness due to ceiling fan overhead. When we wake up our body, especially the back becomes stiff, however, if you do this mudra before sleeping you will notice that you won’t experience the stiffness of the body next morning. The unusual increase of air element inside the tissues, nerves and cells results in pain which can be lessened and cured by doing Vayu mudra. But be sure to stop doing this mudra once you have got rid of the pain.

·        ·        Aakash Mudra

Join the tips of middle finger and the thumb while keeping the other fingers straight effortlessly. This is called Aakash mudra. It can be done from 15-45 minutes daily as per requirement. This can help reduce weakness of the bones to a great extent. Those suffering from ear and heart ailments can benefit a lot by doing this mudra.

·        ·        Shunya Mudra

Join the tip of the middle finger to the base of the thumb and fold the thumb over the bent middle finger. Keep other fingers straight without any strain or effort. This is known as Shunya Mudra. It can be done from 15-60 minutes as per requirement. The best benefit of this mudra is for curing ear- related issues. Any type of hearing problem or ear pain can be lessened to a great degree if you do this mudra for minimum 20 minutes. Those who too often cling to their mobile phones and complain of hearing a faint humming sound even after the call is over, this mudra can work wonders for them. The frequent flyers when airborne feel the pain in their ears at high altitudes. Don’t worry. Shunya Mudra can be the most effective solution for this. Next time when on flight do try it.
            It is also a very effective remedy for thyroid problems, nausea, deafness, vertigo and vomiting.

·        ·        Prithvi mudra

Join the tips of ring finger and thumb keeping other fingers straight with ease.  This is known as prithvi mudra. It can be done to increase the prithvi i.e. earth element inside the body. It helps you gain weight and enhances physical endurance. You experience a surge of strength in your body and your physical stamina boosts. Immunity is enhanced to a high degree, thus aiding you in spiritual journey as well. Healthy body and a healthy mind are necessary for spiritual growth.
A very common application of this mudra is to do it when you need to defecate or poo urgently but have to wait for unwillingly. You will be able to control the urge for sometime saving you the embarrassment.

Prithvi mudra if done for 30 minutes everyday gives you amazing results. Invigoration, vitality and strengthening of bones, skin, nail and hair are guaranteed if you practice it regularly. Rather than popping your vitamin pills every now and then try doing this mudra.

·        ·        Surya Mudra

Join the tip of the ring finger to the base of the thumb while keeping other fingers straight. Fold the thumb over the bent ring finger. This is known as Surya mudra (Sun element). This mudra is extremely beneficial for weight loss. If possible, try to do it while sitting cross legged – padmasana (lotus position) or sukhasana (easy pose) every morning and evening for 15 minutes each.
As the earth element (Prithvi) is decreased and the Fire element (Agni) is increased this mudra improves the metabolism of your body aids digestion thereby resulting in weight and fat loss. It regulates the body temperature and raises your tolerance to shivering and cold. Those suffering from hunger pangs, constant food cravings and gluttony will find these tendencies disappear after practicing Surya mudra regularly. Last but not the least it also helps to strengthen your eyesight.

So this is a boon for the obese people who are fighting a battle to lose weight and seem to get frustrated over a period of time. Try adding Surya mudra to your weight loss exercise regimen and see the wonderful results!

·        ·        Varun Mudra

Joining the tips of the little finger and the thumb while keeping other fingers straight is known as Varun mudra. This mudra can be done for as much time necessary. It increases the water element, thereby curing all the ailments arising due to lack of water in the body. It increases the moisture in the skin and helps cure skin dryness, cracks and eruptions. It purifies your blood by increasing the water element and gives a glow to your skin. Gastroenteritis, dryness of mouth, loss of taste, constipation, indigestion and dehydration can be effectively dealt with if you practice this mudra for at least 45 minutes everyday.

·      ·        Ruksha mudra

Join the tip of the little finger and the base of the thumb keeping other fingers straight. This is known as Ruksha mudra. This mudra helps in decreasing the excessive water content in your body.  Since this mudra reduces the water content in your body, avoid doing it for a long time. Once you see that the ailment is cured you should stop doing it. Those suffering from frequent and excessive urination and excessive sweating can benefit a lot by practicing this regularly.

            I will share last part of mudras in the next blog. Be healthy. Be strong.

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