urban yoga ashram

urban yoga ashram

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

To begin with I will share these Mudras in my blog and later also come up with videos for the same.

The ancient knowledge of Mudras says if tip of the thumb is touched to the tip of any other finger then it increases the particular element in your body belonging to the touched finger. E.g. If you touch the tip of the little finger to the tip of the thumb keeping other fingers straight then it increases the water element in your body represented by the little finger. This is called Varun Mudra. This helps deal with dryness of the skin, relieves from gastro, acidity problems and dryness of mouth and throat.

Now if your body type already has excess of water element then it would not be wise to do this mudra.
If the tip of any finger is touched to the base of the thumb then the particular element represented by that finger decreases. In the above mentioned case if you touch the tip of the little finger to the base of the thumb then it will decrease the water element in your body. This is called Ruksha Mudra. People who sweat excessively can benefit a lot from this mudra. If you have to urinate urgently but cannot rush then this mudra can help control the pee for sometime saving you from embarrassment.

I will explain in detail each Mudra and its benefits and few pointers when it should be done and when avoided.

To be continued….

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