urban yoga ashram

urban yoga ashram

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

More Yoga Mudras continued

Hi everyone. As promised, I am back with more Yoga Mudras. Hope some of you must have tried some of the Mudras and are already on the way to a healthy life.

Let’s look at some more Mudras today.

*    Apaan Mudra

Join the tips of the thumb, the middle finger and the ring finger while keeping other fingers straight effortlessly. This is known as Apaan Mudra. You can say that it is a combination of Aakash Mudra and Prithvi Mudra. The best thing about this Mudra is that it helps to remove any types of toxins accumulated in any part of your body e.g. cough, phlegm, sweat, urine, stool etc. By releasing the toxins it purifies your body and revitalizes you. Thus it helps to remove all the waste and excess through eyes, ears, nose, mouth, genitals and anus. It is very beneficial in constipation, gastric problems and flatulence. 

Those suffering from piles can immensely benefit from this Mudra. 

Some people suffer from urine  obstruction and are not able to pass urine satisfactorily thereby accumulating toxins in their kidneys, gall bladder, liver and genitals. Doing Apaan Mudra daily for 30-45 minutes will help you get rid of this problem. 

For females suffering from irregular or painful menstrual cycles this Mudra is a blessing.

It is also very useful in diabetes.

A word of caution: This Mudra should not be done by ladies during pregnancy.

*    Apaan Vayu Mudra

The combination of Vayu Mudra and Apaan Mudra is known as Apaan Vayu Mudra. Bend the index finger and join it to the base of the thumb. Now join the tips of the thumb, middle finger and ring finger while keeping the little finger straight. This Mudra is also called as Mrit Sanjeevani Mudra (life savior Mudra). Why? I will elaborate further. To begin with, this mudra can be done after your lunch and dinner for 15 minutes each. Many people experience heaviness in chest and stomach after eating and feel bloated and belch. Do this mudra as it releases the gases formed and gives you immediate relief. If you have bowel issues in the morning and have trouble relieving yourself  or suffer from chronic constipation- probably due to sedentary lifestyle then this mudra will work wonders for you. As soon as you wake up, sit in the bed and do this mudra. Within few minutes you will feel pressure in the stomach and will be able to pass the bowels easily.

Now talking about the life saving aspect of this Mudra, let me elaborate that Apaan Vayu Mudra can save the life of a person during a heart attack. If a person at the time of heart attack keeps presence of mind (normally the heart attack victim is in panic so it is quite tough but people around him can act with presence of mind) and does this Mudra then this can act like a life-saving injection or a Sorbitrate tablet given to a patient during heart attack. How? 

The scientific explanation- The bent index finger suppresses Vayu (air element) thus reducing the pain during heart attack. By joining the tips of middle finger (Aakash – ether/space element), ring finger (earth element) and thumb (fire element) the proportion of all three elements in the body has increased. (Remember the first blog on Mudras- tip of any finger joined to the tip of thumb increases the corresponding element of that finger and joining the tip of the finger to the base of the thumb decreases the corresponding element of that finger). As the fire element related to thumb is increased it thereby results in increasing the heat in the body which further removes impurities in the blood. By joining tip of middle finger, the Aakash/space element is increased resulting in increase in the space in the arteries and supplying more oxygen to the heart. By joining tip of  ring finger, the Prithvi/earth element increases which helps to strengthen the heart muscles. Thus the life of the person is saved!

This will relieve all the further symptoms and pains till the support system or doctor arrives and patient can be shifted to the hospital easily.

*    Prana Mudra

Join the tips of the little finger and the ring finger to the tip of the thumb while keeping other fingers straight easily. This is known as Prana Mudra. This mudra can be done anytime during the day. This is a very important mudra as it increases the Prana or Life Force Energy in the body. It can be done even in an illness or if you are feeling sick.

The simplest explanation about this Mudra would be that it increases Life Force Energy in your body i.e. it enhances your immunity strength.  Physically weak people must definitely do this mudra as it imparts physical strength, energy, activeness and agile body. By doing this mudra one feels refreshed and invigorated hence it is an energy booster or like a vitamin pill.

Especially if you are an adventurer, hiker, mountaineer, rock climber or involved in any other strenuous activity then this is an elixir for you. You don’t need to rely on any energy bar or energy drink. Do this Mudra for e.g. while climbing a hill and you will not feel exhausted or short of breath. Try it!

This Mudra also helps in improvement of eyesight. If done after lunch or dinner for 10 minutes this can help ease digestion of food.
Ideally this mudra can be done for 45 minutes during the day time.

*    Shankh Mudra

Curl all the fingers of your right hand around your left thumb. Touch the tips of your right thumb and left middle finger keeping other left hand fingers parallel to the left middle finger. You will see that the shape of your hands resembles a Shankh or Conch shell. This is known as Shankh Mudra.

A Conch shell when blown emits a sound. Likewise this Mudra too is associated with the sound. Practicing it regularly helps remove issues related to throat and vocal cords. This Mudra is a boon to people associated with singing profession or those who consider their voice as an asset. It aids the digestion process thereby resulting in increase in appetite.

This mudra acts on a more subtle level and instills peace of mind, calmness, serenity and tranquility – all the by-products of meditation that are of obvious nature.

*    Linga Mudra

Interlock the fingers of both the hands and keep the thumb (either right thumb or left thumb) erect. This is known as Linga Mudra. In Sanskrit language, Linga means phallus (male genital organ).

This mudra has to be done as per requirement and not in excess as it increases the body heat and temperature. Hence it is very beneficial when you have a bad cold or shiver. It also helps reduce chronic cough. Those who are intolerable to cold weather and changing weathers can practice this mudra as it generates heat in your body. I have tried this mudra myself and vouch for the fact that it’s results were immediate. One winter night when I was feeling cold, I deliberately removed my sweater and shirt and did this mudra for 12-15 minutes and I started feeling warm.

As stated above do this mudra only till the problem persists and stop immediately once it is overcome. 

Friends, as mentioned above these are some mudras that normally a person would need in his mundane life considering the urban lifestyle, however the list of mudras is not exhaustive. There are many more to be revealed but that would depend only on the necessity or specific requirement to know more about them.

Last but not the least I thank you all for visiting my blogs but guys I need your comments to understand if my blogs are really useful to you.

So please Comment, Comment and Comment. I do need your honest feedback.

Be strong. 

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