urban yoga ashram

urban yoga ashram

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Welcome to The Urban Yoga Lifestyle

I am going to share with you my knowledge of Yoga on frequent basis through this blog. Hope you find it practically useful and are able to lead your lives in a better way and to the fullest extent. I am not going to preach the different types of Yoga practices or use any far Sanskrit words to entice you. My simple motto is to give you those tips and methods that you can follow easily irrespective of your language, profession, nationality, cultural and ethnic background and Why?

The answer to this is very simple. Yoga does not mean any religion nor does it belong to any individual. It belongs to every human being on the earth! Why not say all species? We have different Asanas (physical postures) inspired by animals for e.g. Downward Dog pose in Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), Cat pose, Camel pose etc.

The Yogis and Sages learnt everything from nature and spared no efforts to make them befitting to mankind. So will we to enrich our life in the modern times!

General perception about Yoga is that twisting of body in difficult ways is necessary and only then can you say that you know Yoga. Doing difficult Asanas and twisting your legs behind your back or standing on head is really not necessary for everyone. Not really. Believe me Yoga is far beyond that. In fact Asanas are needed only when the person feels that he/she needs more fit body (physical). If the person is already fit then he may not practice any Asanas and attain Yog (which means Union of mind, body and soul). There is a correlation between these three. Let me simplify.

Do you have a body? Yes. You can see it and experience it.

Do you have a mind? Yes. All your thought processes happen there so you know it though you cannot see it.

Do you have a soul? Yes. Though you cannot see it you experience it every day. How? Soul/Spirit means the life force energy which you experience every moment simply because you are alive. Had you been dead would you be able to experience life? Your very existence is the proof that you have soul. Without this life force energy would the body and the mind exist?

Now if these 3 components make you as a whole that means you need to work on all 3. If physical exercises (Asanas) are for body (I don’t mean that they do not benefit your mind and soul) then you must do some exercise for mind and soul as well to be totally healthy.

This can be achieved by doing Pranayam, Kriya, Mudra and Meditation. The way you do body specific activities likewise you should do mind specific and soul specific activities too.

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